I am Sarah Talbutt and Roots in Kent is a small, friendly genealogy service based in Kent England.


I specialize in tracing the history of Kentish families and have a client list that reaches from New South Wales to Manitoba.


My interest in family history started, as is often the case, when I had children of my own.


Fifteen years of unraveling my own unique mix of Somerset peasantry, Welsh bards, Essex rebels and Irish farmers has taught me much about how to rediscover the remarkable, yet often barely remarked upon lives of ordinary people.


I can safely boast that I have managed to take some of my family lines back 400 years and have yet to find a famous or indeed infamous ancestor.


Wherever possible I back up parish register searches with the use of wills, inventories, manorial accounts and parish accounts to produce a more detailed picture of the everyday lives of my clients' ancestors